Gah! What a day. Apparently I'm losing my mind in a couple ways and have to settle the heck down, to which end I'm eating dinner (always a trouble spot, getting so busy that I don't eat anything all day long)

I'm trying to do a number of things in hopes of being liked by bronies i.e. STRANGERS and it's freaking me out. Still downloading videos like mad, with another day to go (thanks, slow-ass DSL in Vermont) and diving into new projects with terrifying alacrity.

Namely- I experimented around and discovered that Applejack pitched down from 44.1K to 32K sounds a heck of a lot like my voice. Thus commenced a mad frenzy of sound file work- converting ALL the shows to audio mp3s (good for the car! if I want to be CRAZED FREAKING OTAKU about it!), loading them into a sound editor, digging through more than two full episodes to edit out ALL the most characteristic AJ lines to be able to hear at 32K, making those references to have...

Starting a tumblr based on the idea that I could probably embrace the brony world by doing a more straight/canon thing like those alarming 'Pinkamina' tumblr blogs, assuming I could get the voice REAL good- knowing that I could write the lines with much less difficulty due to natural predilection...

Deciding that it would be pretty funny if Dashie appeared as a voice on it, the whole thing flirting with mischief but refusing to flat-out ruin things as entertaining as that would be- and it's the same voice actress, so BADABOOM go back in and do another whole multi-episode line filch, this one for Dashie...

Discover that I don't like her adorable voice quite as much at 32K- and what the hell am I thinkin', confusing matters in such a way? AJ is sort of like a 'personal furry' of ponies, Dashie is more an object of desire of ponies, or of adoration? Why do I feel so weird tryin' to do that voice? What the hell am I doin' in the first place trying to totally master not one but TWO distinct voices by one of the most gifted voice actresses I've ever heard? In a day? AND puttin' up sound clips for people to hear, of how close I'm gettin' it?

*freakout* *delete a bunch of stuff* hhh hhhh hhh hhh hhh...

I believe my credentials of being the crazy pony that unthinkingly tries to do the completely impossible and then goes SPLAT trying it, are unchallenged ;P

Good lord, I put SINGIN' up in a place. I was tryin' to rewrite old songs of my own in such a way I could do pony versions singin' them AS Applejack (not liking my own voice or singing persona any).

I basically need somebody to sit on me and say 'you, stop that before you make yourself sick and crazy!'. In the absence of such, I gotta just... I dunno. Go watch more ponies and listen to Dashie laughing with that adorable squeakin'. 'My' laugh is more a hyuh hyuh hyuh, which matches the human being furry and brony type who types this rot. No wonder it gets confusing when they go and make a damn pony outta you, and suddenly there's a crowd of people goin' "This is wonderful! You are the best thing ever!" and it's a cute cartoon pony that acts like you in myriad ways.

Tomorrow is another day.

To unfriended people- let me explain!
Hi! I am amazed anybody was paying attention to this journal, but I've already had one person smart enough to drop me a note asking WTF, and obviously it wasn't obvious what I meant by this.

I've unfriended a number of accounts simply because I have no way of telling if they are 'brony' accounts: namely, people who would be completely down with me hijacking MY OWN disused LJ account to use as 'Applejinx': namely, still me, but through the perspective of this cute cartoon pony character rather than the EQUALLY unreal anthropomorpic tiger that furries are comfortable seeing me as.

Frankly, Applejack's a way better fit than an anthro tiger for me, not that I'll totally abandon the fursona I've had all these years, and anyone who really knows me (particularly working fur-cons) will recogize me in AJ real quickly, faults and virtues both.

But it's very important to me to explain that this unfriending is not a judgement on ANYONE I've friended, it's just a hijacking of the journal towards a different fandom- particularly with regard to people who either post little, or whom I don't know if they'd approve. I've already spotted a few bronies in various ways, any secret bronies who I'm mistakenly unfriending should drop a note (or indeed friends who never post, who are okay with whatever I do, and want me to watch their not-posts XD )

Can't be fairer than that :)

(no subject)
Getting totally exhausted and losing hour after hour, trying to convert legitimately purchased iTunes versions of the entire MLP:FIM first season into something that I can play on the PS3- because there could be Pony Nights for local furries that would help me not be lonely over the winter.

My powers of determinedly pounding away at the problem got me to buy a $40 un-DRMing app- which turned out to only work when converting to MOV, as conversion to MP4 was clearly re-encoding everything (not pass-through) and it ruined the audio, which made weird artifacts. Converting to MOV avoided that problem, but then I had to get something to pass-through the MOV to MP4 or something that'd work on my PS3 (too many letters aaa!)

We in the furry fandom have a number of notable furs, who basically ARE the main cast ponies in human form. I'm the Applejack (as this debacle established). We have a no-fooling human Fluttershy, a genuinely sweet and gentle pony who has actually run conventions still without having to go against his basic character. And we've got a Rarity...

This Rarity asked politely why I didn't just ask for help. He had such files ready to be FTPed. Last thing I wanted to do was more downloading... I'm getting the ones I bought more or less ready, 720p sourced from the iTunes (with no big logos and ads, desaturated but super clear). Rarity offers that, with 5.1 sound.

I check mine. The pass-through is the correct 700M size, but it's AAC stereo.

How come yours is 5.1, Rarity? Mine ain't!

The casual reply? "Direct TV audio rip (5.1), remuxed into the 720p iTunes version. Also has just stereo as well."


GOD DAMMIT RARITY XD okay, okay. Can I has pretty jewel ponies? pleeeeease? =) =) =)

And so I'm downloading again and ignoring the ones I spent good money for, 'cos I will never be THAT GOOD XD

So it's not like I'm using this journal, so it's now my ID for posting to things like Equestria Daily :)


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