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I am SO burnt out. I guess I'm about ready for new pony episode and day off tomorrow, huh?

On the day-job front, flak and static and a desperate need to outline and describe my product line better.

On the fanfic front, I busted my plot writing a tight, intense little episode-formatted MLP fic that is tighter than most of the stuff I see, put my love into it, and drew up a picture of a pivotal moment in it, and sent it off to ED- and it bounced! I can't believe that I can't get a fic through first try. I think those guys are so gunshy from dealing with crappy authors that they beat everybody into their model of 'not crappy'. I instantly dove into the thing again, and whacked away at adverbs and verbs, shoveling mass quantities of 'said' everywhere I possibly could, and revised a key passage they didn't like to be structured a lot less poetically and a lot more simply.

This, after I lost the entire day to a random impulse to rewrite the notorious 'Cupcakes' and drag its ending back to what you'd get in canon. I pulled it off, even, and now I'm just rattled.

Nobody bitched about the country song, except that I had to fake the voices :(

Here's the picture of the fic that bounced, anyway...

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I find it good that ED is now Equestria Daily instead of Encyclopedia Dramatica.


I think the submission thing has been resolved. Unfortunately I got in a knock-down drag-out with a brony on ponychan, because they insisted that my fic continuing Cupcakes into a tragic ending had to go to a love-and-tolerance happy ending for all concerned, and I just can't do that under any circumstances. Cupcakes is hideous, and something you can't get over. Bringing it to a tragic, redemptive ending is as much as any writer should be asked to do.

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