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I did it (song post)
I did it! I cut vocals for the song, I mixed it, I sorted out all the little details and I put it up on soundcloud and on youtube.

I gave all the credit to main cast ponies XD but technically, all of it is me and studio trickery.

I had to turn around and remove the first pony video I put up, because it was a repurposing of a very sad guitar solo track I had, to a picture of Dashie mourning over AJ's grave! And youtube tried to link everything to do with the love song to THAT video D: aaaaahh! Not a good followup to a feel-good, 'it gets better' type love song :)

Now I'm totally tired, and for all I know, nobody will like it and I'll get yelled at for not makin dance music or somethin' and I don't care 'cos I did it out of love and I think it shows throughout the piece. And I'll find out later if it was magic or just endless practice and more work. But I made it as real as I could.

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Why are you so multitalented!?! :)

I'm not sure what you mean. I've tried to draw comics (fail) and write books (semi-fail) and make dance music (mega-fail) and chiptunes (eek!) and go on dates (giga-fail), and even when I wrote songs half the time I couldn't because I could NOT work out what the hell I could write from me AS me... maybe it's just nice that I can randomly pull together a bunch of loose ends to write a country love song from a lesbian pony? :D

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