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Vocals, HAS
I fear I'm gittin' into a tragic-overreach thingy, where all my efforts will go for naught because nobody will like the music 'cos it's not eurobeat dance chiptune what have you.

An' I don't care, I'm doin' it anyway, out of love, and because I know the song is true. Even if nobody loves it ever, I'll know it was real. I've just done four takes for each pony in the song, all of which were pretty good. They- we? whut! AJ and Dashie hit a harmony on the final chorus, even. I have the compin' to do and then a mix, much of which is done already.

An' then, it goes on Soundcloud, on Youtube, and I mention it in My Little Remix, though I am scared I'm not makin' friends there 'cos I clomp in all rudely and such. :(

Oh, and it might as well be the first post on that Applejack Radio tumblr. I'll steal the complicated broadcast/EQ rig used in the song to git the voices more accurate, and use it for just talking stuff too, later. Probly gonna fuss over it some more first, but that's a channel strip and no mistake. SAVED for future reference once I get it.

The more things change the more they stay the same. Talked to my therapist who was enthralled with how much happier I seemed and is gonna be a brony most likely (she's a RD through and through). I did not tell her, "Oh by the way, my personality is being sucked out and replaced with a lesbian pony" XD but the reason for that is, it ain't much of a change. I don't know why the dialect comes too easily but I did write a character like that in one of my books.

Back ta work!


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