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Song! Has! :D
Distracted me ALL day, but I got it! I got a whole song with chords and everythin'. AND between-verse chatter. And it's the most adorable thing. And now I gotta re-cord it *ULP*

No time to do that today except maybe gettin' the backing track structure together in Logic. But I am charging ahead on the project like only I can, because it's for love of Dashie :D (no, there ain't no clop in it, it's more romantic-like: well, as romantic as WE git, anyhoo, which ain't as wussy as some would have it, but powerful in its own right)

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I hope so. I've whupped myself into a quivering pony of fail tryin' to do all the backing tracks, and haven't even 'comped' them (edited the good bits together) yet O_O there's no chance I can do vocals any sooner than tomorrow, and mixing will take some time as well. I'm going as fast as I can which is sayin' something but there is only so much a non-clever pony can do O_O


A) I wasn't a guy in RL
B) I had a half-decent computer
C) I had a half-decent mic
D) I had ANY knowledge of composing music

...I'd offer to be of help to ya outside of motivational support.

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